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Sady valca ATHENA 081100 Big Bore (with Head) d 47,6 mm, 70 cc, pin d 10 mm, flat head piston

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Sady valca ATHENA 081100 Big Bore (with Head) d 47,6 mm, 70 cc, pin d 10 mm, flat head piston
227.00 €
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  • Sensitive increase in performance without compromising engine reliability
  • Maximum durability and smoothness guaranteed by a special nickel and silicon treatment of the barrel
  • Cylinder made of a special light aluminium alloy


TECHNICAL ADVICE: The kit is supplied with piston pin-piston Ø 10 mm as the original. In view of the mechanical stress we suggest to assemble the kit with increased pin-piston Ø12 mm (see section Thermic Units). In this case we remind you to replace the original crankshaft with our crankshaft with increased piston pin Ø12 mm (see section Crankshaft).


Athena has been constantly investing in cylinder aftermarket replacement parts for more than ten years, to improve their production and performance. All the cylinders are entirely engineered in Italy by Athena’s R&D Department which has a strong internal know-how and cutting-edge tools to design and test each piece. They are coated with motor-nicksil, a nickel-silicon coating developed by Athena to obtain smoothness and optimal wear resistance.

Athena’s cylinder kits and its components are recognized worldwide for their performance, durability and reliability.

Athena’s Big Bore Cylinder Kits guarantees an increase in performance that can be observed along the power curve, keeping the reliability at the same level of the original components.

The kit includes the high-quality aluminum cylinder with increased bore, the cylinder head, the piston with flat head with the piston pin and rings, and all the necessary gaskets.
All the components of the kit have been developed to withstand the highest temperatures, pressures and stresses and have been validated by Athena technicians with severe bench and road tests.

Náš kód: P165917
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