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Sady valca ATHENA P400485100091 d 97 (450 cm3) štandardný otvor

Offroad sada válce, zvýšený výkon, rozdílné tvary a časování kanálů, větší množství chl.kapaliny, speciální povrch.úprava, delší životnost, účinnější Viac informácií
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Sady valca ATHENA P400485100091 d 97 (450 cm3) štandardný otvor
566.00 €
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Durability, consistent performance, same reliability as the OE: all these are hallmarks of the new Athena Standard Bore cylinder kit for Yamaha YZ 450 F 2020/2022.


Completely designed in Italy by the R&D department, this kit is the aftermarket solution to guarantee efficiency, performance and safety with components that are all Athena branded and can systematically replace the originals: an aluminum cylinder with nickel coating, a forged piston with a special hardening and anti-seizing coating and a gasket kit produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.


The cylinder kit was also tested on the engine dynamometer bench under ultimate stress load, further testing on the track verified its superb performance even in the most extreme conditions.                            

The Athena kit was developed to offer a reliable product at a more competitive price than the original cylinder kit without making any compromises in terms of power, torque, and durability, resulting in a superior product.


The Yamaha YZ 450 F 2020/2022 Standard Bore cylinder kit can be installed without any crankcase machining.




The YZ 450 F 2020/2022 engine was developed by Yamaha to make it more compact and lighter, as well as redesigning its configuration and compression ratio. To comply with these new characteristics, the Athena technicians have designed components of the highest quality and precision:



Compared to the Yamaha YZ 450 F bikes built before 2020, the Japanese motorbike manufacturer has designed the shape and inclination of the cylinder and oil passages. For this reason, the Athena R&D team has studied and re-engineered the cylinder.

Produced by gravity casting and sustained a rigorous heat treatment to improve its mechanical characteristics, the Athena cylinder ensures maximum resistance even at the highest temperatures. The liner is designed to ensure an exceptionally smooth surface, which will last a lifetime, thanks to a special coating consisting of nickel and silicon carbides.



Designed by Athena engineers, which surpasses the original design, exceeding all bench tests, resulting in boosted performance and a higher compression ratio. The Athena piston ensures maximum power both at low/medium and high engine revs.

Manufactured using reverse extrusion with cutting-edge technologies, this forged piston is treated with a molybdenum disulfide coating, which further reduce friction while the flawless surface ensures an ideal flame distribution.

The rings are produced in Japan with wear-resistant coatings to increase the retention and resistance, whereas the piston pin is made of high-quality steel alloy and is processed to obtain maximum hardness.



Upon carefully selecting raw materials, implementing innovative production technologies, undergoing extensive tests during the design stage, and executing strict quality controls, Athena has been developing and producing gasket kits that guarantee the highest quality standards for over 40 years.

The kit contains the gaskets needed to install the cylinder kit, including the cylinder head and base gasket, redesigned by Athena technicians to adapt to the new oil passages of the Yamaha cylinder.

The MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) cylinder head gasket, which undergoes extreme thermal and mechanical stress, has 3 layers: the outer layers are made of a rubber-coated steel, while the central one is made of AISI301 stainless steel to resist high levels of compression.

The rubber-coated steel base gasket has silicon beading on its surface to increase the seal towards the combustion chamber, resulting in no leakage.



CAUTION! All Athena products must be used in compliance with the specific national regulations of the member state where it is being marketed or sold. Athena declines all responsibility for any improper use.

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